On the road again

I can't remember if I've mentioned this yet.

Here's some news I'm not so proud of: I'm getting a cell phone. Some of you are aware of the extreme anti-cellie sentiments I've expressed over the past few years, and so I feel almost bad about giving in. But I'm just doing a crappy prepaid thing so I have a phone in the car in case of emergencies...

...which reminds me. I'm going on vacation in about a week and a half. The rudimentary plan I have for now is to go to Ames (yeah...the one in Iowa) to see the Mountain Goats on the 18th (thus assuring that John will end up playing in St. Louis a couple months after that), then drive to Ohio to see my family and partake in family Easter festivities. This plan may change, and I may end up sitting on my couch for seven days (seven glorious paid days), but for now that's the plan.

Oh, and I was reminded of the emergency thing because if I'm going to drive all that distance in the span of a week or so, and I will be driving in freakishly empty Iowa (no offense, Niles), I'd feel more comfortable having a lifeline in case the ol' car has problems. (and to whoever's going to say, "They probably don't have cell towers in the places you're most nervous to be stuck in," I say, "Shut up. I didn't realize that until just now.")

Whoops. Look at the time. I guess I'm seeing Phone Booth tomorrow. Maybe.