The seals are safe

Oh man, I'm worn out. Don't know why, really, but I'm about ready for bed.

Postal Service / Cex / In English / So Many Dynamos, at the Creepy Crawl in St. Louis.

Man, there was some pedigree at this show. Members of Death Cab for Cutie, Dntel, Figurine, Rilo Kiley, the Promise Ring, and Camden (and I know there are more bands represented, but I'm tired). Very nice show. Some notes:

The guy from Cex has weird shoulders. Really, he does.

Niles and I both have a thing for Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley, sorta-Postal Service) now. I did before, though.

In English (Davey and Dan from the Promise Ring, one of the guys from Camden were all right, focusing on the good Davey, not the Wood/Water Davey. They did, however, rip off the Smiths enough that I realized it.

KWUR was pretty well represented--me, Niles, Mike R., and Dan were there.

I'm getting too old to go to shows like this. Even the folks in the over-21 area look young to me now.

I'm not sure which part of this evening went better...the show or the NHL playoffs. The Blues destroying the Canucks, AND both Colorado and Detroit losing? That's just fantastic. Not that it will last, though.

I try to prepare myself for disappointment when it comes to hockey. It makes it easier.