My head is spinning

So, the catbirdseat posted this, and I'm at once intrigued and confused. Apparently, Playboy (yes, that Playboy...that bastion of writing and nakedness that used to be copy-edited by my friend's sister) is searching for "the sexiest babe of indie rock." Oh my.

Anyway, here's the nominees, or contestants, or whatever you want to call them:

Neko Case

Michelle Mae (ex-the Make Up)

Caithlin De Marrais (Rainer Maria)

Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power)

Sarah Nixey (Black Box Recorder)

Ida No (Glass Candy and the Shattered Theatre)

Sahara Hotnights (apparently all of them)

Amber Valentine (Jucifer)

W.I.T. (again, apparently all of them)

Now according to the website, Playboy will ask the winner of the poll to pose (nude, natch) in their magazine. And I think that's what weirds me out about the whole thing. Despite what multiple websites may say, I've never thought of any "indie chick," well....quite like they would be thought of if they posed for Playboy. I will proclaim my crushes on Neko Case and Jenny Lewis and that girl from Catatonia and the rest from now until the end of time. But this is too much.

I can safely say, though, that Amber Valentine is not good enough to be a perfect match for Playboy. She's probably more Hustler material, but whatever.

Nevertheless, Neko is winning easily right now. Go vote for Amber so I can keep my crush on Neko clean.